Remo Peter Karpf the Zodiac Sagittarius Born in Zurich Oberland in Switzerland

Everyone wishes to enjoy his/her life in the way – something new and amazing on every new day. People prefer sharing their interests, stories, and their childhood or prefer narrating their autobiography. Rey Karpf is one of them – the Zodiac Sagittarius and born in the Zurich Oberland in Switzerland. Staying positive, energetic and happy is in his blood as he belongs to a country – full of natural beauty.

Rey Karpf left the home and moved into a shared flat with his fishing friend Dominik at the age of 23. It was the time, when MTV made her debut. Rey and a good number of friends were waited anxiously for the TV that the channel went online.

At the beginning, many music videos were just the hit and listen to music or got a new dimension. His life has always into the direction of music and art. He decided to apply for a job at the famous Zurich School of Arts. The prospect of being one of the 50 chosen to be over 2000 applicants per year at the time was extremely low.

It was really complicated and even French was one the admission criteria. It was confusing, but interesting. He moved towards success step by step and become professional. His life is interesting and you can know more about him from his private website. Browse the site and know more from his childhood to present day life.

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