Remo Peter Karpf more about this interesting personality!

There are many interesting personalities that always catch our eye and make us want to know more about them. One such personality is Remo Peter Karpf. He is a famous individual known for his carefree, enthusiastic and energetic persona.

Remo Peter Karpf was born in Zurich Oberland in Switzerland. His zodiac sign is Sagittarius.  He always wanted his life to be an adventure as shown in movies. Keeping this in mind, he left home at the age of 23 and moved in with his fishing friend who stayed in a flat.

Remo Peter Karpf was always influenced by both art and music. He decided to apply for a job at the Zurich School of Arts thanks to his love for art. He founded an advertising agency and art trade company making him self- employed.

He has an ultimate love for cars belonging to great brands. He could drive since a young age making his love for cars grow even more. In fact, from the age of 17 years; he started designing logos and initiated promotions for big companies like Mercedes Benz Switzerland, Sulzer, Mannesmann Rexroth and many others.

Remo Peter Karpf was also very fond of fishing, which took him for different fishing trips to Africa, Alaska, Brazil and many other oceans. He is also a golf player and has been indulging in this game since the past many years. He is very fond of cooking and photography for which he is very famous for.

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