Know More About Rey Karpf And His Interests!

Rey Karpf is a Swiss man who is very well known for a number of things that he is involved in. To begin with, he is famously called as the yachting and airplane enthusiast. His interest also lies in cooking, travelling and playing golf. He has been playing golf for the past many years. Rey Karpf’s photography skills are also much talked about as he has clicked several pictures on the trips he has made to different destinations.

Rey Karpf has his own private website, which is specially made for people to get more information about him. The reason why he made this website is because there were many people who are interested in knowing more about him, his achievements and his qualifications. Another hobby of his is being a prospector for the search of minerals and crystals. The prospectors are crystal seekers that are known to detect and open clefts. He also uses tools to explosives as a prospector.

He is also a firm believer of Buddhism as he believes in life without hatred, deep peace and overwhelming joy. Rey Karpf has his motto set to live life on his own terms and do what he desires to do. He finds his happiness through his hobbies, friends and nature. He states that life is bound to be hard for everyone irrespective of whether you belong to a poor or a wealthy family; how you deal with life is what matters.

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