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Remo Peter Karpf or Rey Karpf– Know About His Life

Remo Peter Karpf

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Remo Peter Karpf and His Early Life

Remo Peter

Remo Kerpf, a passionate traveller and an avid golfer (playing golf for more than 30 years), is a Zodiac Sagittarius born in the Zurich Oberland in Switzerland. He is not like others as travelling around the world was his main hobby and doing something different was always in his mind. He left home and moved into a sharing flat with his fishing friend Dominik at the age of 23.

MTV was the Channel made its debut and so Remo Karpf and his friend waited anxiously for the TV that the channel went online. No doubt, many music videos were just the hit and listen to music was a hot favourite choice of people that helped it to get a new dimension. For Remo Karpf, music and art has always been important – played leading roles in life.

He decided to apply for the job at the famous Zurich School of Arts. He spent 4 fruitful years with a grand final certificate and most beautiful memories of a carefree, fulfilling study time with school friends and great lessons. After completing an apprenticeship with 4 years apprenticeship as a Federally Certified photolithographer for the Swiss Leader of the Industry Schaufelberger.

He becomes self-employed – immediately after graduation and founded the first company, an advertising agency and art trade.

He started to design company logos and promotions for companies like Mercedes Benz Switzerland, Sulzer, Mannesmann Rexroth, Movenpick, etc. He was able to drive t young age – mainly some of the top cars. There is a lot more in his life. Go through the website to know more about Remo Karpf.