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Welcome to my private website. Obviously you are interested in me, my activities and my story, which led me to “google”. Well, to inquire about someone on the Internet today is almost a part of everyday life. Whether private or business, the goal is always to get as much information about a person, company, or topic as possible. Whether you have good intentions or not, if you never had a chance to meet me in person, you will never find out who and how I really am here on my private website!

Of course, you do not want to talk too much about yourself, but also not too little, so that the story remains exciting, “spiced” and interesting. I do not want to bore you because time is one of the most precious things we have …

Let me “start”!

Let’s start with my origin. I am Zodiac Sagittarius and born in the Zurich Oberland in Switzerland. At the age of 23, I left home and moved into a shared flat with my fishing friend Dominik. MTV had just made her debut and so we waited anxiously for the TV that the channel went online. The many music videos were just the hit and listen to music and got a new dimension. Music & Art has always played the leading roles in my life, so I decided to apply for a job at the famous Zurich School of Arts. The prospects of being one of the 50 chosen to be over 2,000 applicants per year at the time was extremely low. The entrance exam was a sheer horror and even French was one of the admission criteria. Very confusing, but interesting on the whole. Apparently the experts of the School of Applied Arts – concerning me – felt the same way. To make it short, there were 4 beautiful years with a grand final certificate and most beautiful memories of a carefree, fulfilling study time with dear school friends and great lessons. I completed my apprenticeship with a four-year apprenticeship as a Federally certified photo lithographer for the Swiss leader of the industry Schaufelberger. No one could stop me from becoming self-employed immediately after graduation and so I founded my first company, an advertising agency & art trade. Already at the age of 17 I started to design company logos and promotions for companies like Mercedes Benz Switzerland, Sulzer, Mannesmann Rexroth, Mövenpick, etc. Since I am an absolute car fan I was able to drive this activity at a young age Porsche, Ferrari and Lamborgini , The joy of cars has become a passion until today. However, the fishing and the art never let me go, so I was always happy when I am on, or on the Water took time to catch fish. These hobby took me on many fishing trips to Alaska, Africa, Brazil, and all the oceans … Unforgettable adventures with countless catches, where it was always best to let the fish – which you did not want to eat – release and give your life. That’s why I always fish without hooks with repacking …

Another big hobby of mine is being a “prospector” the search for crystals and minerals. Prospectors are crystal seekers which detect and open clefts (cavities in the mountain which are filled with crystals), as long as nature has not already done this by erosion. The prospectors uses tools to explosives (rare and is more for tag mining, mines, cleats).

Since I was on a 1-week school trip at the age of 12, I’m a prospector. At that time I was with my school class in Domleschg in Graubünden. We stayed in Silsi.D.on the castle Ehrenfels. That was of course the hammer for us 12-year-old living in a castle. An excursion took us by postbus to the Glaspass (1800 m above sea level) below the Piz Beverin (2998 m above sea level). A shepherd asked our teacher if we were here to look for rock crystals. The teacher negated but was interested to know where the rock crystals here. This was the beginning of my career Hobby prospector! We followed the advice of the shepperd and searched the place with the supposed crystals. We were about 30 children with a big expectation if we can find these crystals or if they stay hidden. Finding crystals is anything but easy. They hide inside the rock, in rock crevices, in slips, or in steep terrain and rock walls where you can only go with rope and climbing art. However, as the shepherd had shown us a place where it was not dangerous, it looked more like mushroom picking than prospecting, a prospector has tools such as a hammer, chisel, crowbar and long scratches to bring out (scratch) stones in the cracks. A brook and terrain with slipped rocks let our expectations grow. Lo and behold, the first rock crystal was found. Petra proudly held up a small crystal spike and cheered. Everyone gathered around her and the “Crystal intoxication” also grabbed the very last of our class, even the teacher. Almost everyone found some pieces and so the afternoon passed quickly. Not over, however, was my Firber crystals to find, to “prospect”. Excited, I told my father what I had experienced at the spotlight and that I would now know a place where the coveted rock crystals are to be found. I annoyed my father for weeks until he finally took me on the 120 km trip to the Glasspass. I tell him how many crystal-clear, large, sparkling crystals we would have found in this place – but – even after hours of searching, I found no longer the hidden place of the shepherd. What a nightmare. My father was upset and so we drove the 120 km home without crystals. This mess did not let me go until the two of us started it again and drove once more to the Piz Beverin on the Glaspass. At the second attempt, I finally found the hidden place and we also found crystals. Finally, the pressure was gone and we could proudly and content wrapped single mountain crystals in newspaper and stored in a backpack … The Piz Beverin, a mysterious beautiful mountain with its 1000 faces and full of mountain crystals and many other minerals. By the way: who wants to search with tools crystals goes to the municipality Tschappina and solves either a day ticket, or an annual patent.

What a father-son experience. Indescribable, as indescribable as the other hundreds of shared radiation experiences we were allowed to experience and will follow! After decades of shining, I have collected a considerable mineral collection. 4 huge showcases full of the finest minerals in all colors and shapes. These are mainly Swiss minerals, but purple amethyst from Mexico, light blue coelestin from Madagascar, shiny black hematite from China, pink-red fluorite from Grimsel / Switzerland, are just as much part of a collection as the popular rock crystal that comes in different colors from yellow, blue, gray, white, brown, black, purple, green and red. They sparkle like diamonds and radiate happiness and tranquility. Many people believe in the healing power of stones. For millennia, stones fascinate people. The forces are real …

My belief. I am fascinated by Buddhism. A life wisdom without prejudice, without hatred, without condemning religions, full of love, absolute understanding and incredible energy, deep peace and overwhelming joy. Do not we all want to be happy, healthy and happy? The pursuit of happiness? I find it in my hobbies, with my friends, in nature. Life is hard for everyone, whether you grow up in wealth, or in poverty, the Schiksal catch up with us. Nothing lasts forever and nothing is self-evident. Only those who are happy can make other people happy and only those who make themselves happy have understood what life is all about. Everyone plays the main role in his life movie, is the most important person. Everybody has won a very important race in his life. EVERYONE. Many say, “No, I’m not a winner, I’ve never won anything. I’ve always had a lottery, but I’m not a winner. ” Not correct! Each of us has been in the race of all races with millions of “competitors” – and – each of us has fought extremely hard, pushed away and overtaken to victory! You were the fastest sperm (smile) in the Eitels and you are the winner and thus – as proof of your destiny, your strength and your will – in the world!

A tip before you judge, here are a few more quotes:

No one is as bad as his reputation. And none as good as his obituary. It is amazing how unbiased we can think when it comes to justifying a stupidity to ourselves. (Karl Heinrich Waggerl, Austrian narrator 1897-1973) Nobody contributes as much to the entertainment of a party as those who are not there. (Audrey Hepburn, actress) No one is as good or as bad as he is made during his divorce. (Frank Sinatra, singer and actor)

Best regards and have a wonderful day!
Remo Karpf